Monday, 25 November 2019

How to earn cryptocurrency for free

How to earn free cryptocurrency ?

This is a common question and i guess almost everyone other than those who are not seeking money before online are aware of it.
But in this tutorial i am going to introduce a very old method to get free cryptocurrency which is ” Faucet ” because it is free as well as people can earn side by side doing there jobs or home work. Very much recommended for those who are not in hurry to become rich over night.
Many of our reader are aware of Faucets already , let me introduce once again an old and popular faucet name :- FREEBITCO.IN this faucet is very popular and continuously paying to their members since last 8 years.

How to earn cryptocurrency from faucet ?

FREEBITCO.IN is having many feature but here i will promote two main features which need no investment and i too never recommend anyone to investment online unless you know what you are doing , also invest what you can bear if lost.
So those two features are :-
  • Faucet
  • Bank
Faucet on FREEBITCO.IN is paying not much but a standard rate of $0.002 ( as per BTC to USD market ) per hour and without visiting any short link or un-necessary popups or advertisements . Which people can easily claim every hour even on there jobs , schools , offices etc
Bank on FREEBITCO.IN is giving a very good standard interest rate of 4.08% per annum. Let me remind you its for free and this Interest will start on all amount you are holding in your account on FREEBITCO.IN above 30000 satoshi ( 0.0003 BTC ).
One more interesting this is they are giving you 25% referral commission for your downline bank interest too. So if you join and further recommend your friend through your referral link which you can collect from REFER tab there. So you will get 50% for all the claims on faucet your downline will do as well as 25% for the bank interest. Its very good faucet site and above all for free.

My stats for FREEBITCO.IN

I hope you enjoyed reading my review on this old but amazing faucet.
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